Reverend says social ministry key to meeting needs

Reverend says social ministry key to meeting needs

Reverend Canon Beverley Sealy-Knight, has issued a call for Christians to spend more time in the communities to understand what the needs of the people are.

The Rector of the St James Parish Church and Rural Dean of St Peter, was delivering her sermon at the Seventh Anniversary service of the St Michael Centre for Faith and Action (SMCFA), a charity of St Michael Cathedral. 

Canon Sealy-Knight reiterated the church’s purpose. 

“The church is called to live out its purpose through its social ministries (which) serve as a powerful witness to the world. When others see the church actively caring for the vulnerable, they witness the love of Christ in action. These acts of kindness become a living testimony drawing people to enquire about the source of such compassion.”

She added: 

“Social ministries position the church as an active participant in the community – active in the community – and by meeting practical needs, the church becomes relevant and visible to those it serves, which embodies Christ’s love and fulfils the great commission.”

Canon Sealy-Knight also reminded the congregation to share the gospel, as well as cater to physical needs and educate persons on a range of subjects that affect humanity.

The goals of the SMCFA are the advancement of public education and religion; the promotion of purposes beneficial to the community; and the relief of poverty.

Sunday also signalled the start of Faith and Action Week in the Anglican Church in Barbados.

SOURCE: (St Michael Centre for Faith and Action).

  • PublishedJune 8, 2024

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