Five questions with DJ Puffy

Five questions with DJ Puffy

Born in 1991 to a family of talented musicians, it was inevitable that bars and beats would course through his veins. Little did Andre “Puffy” Parris know, what began as a teen obsession fueled by raw talent would quickly develop into a fruitful career and lasting passion following his early discovery by Dream Real Projects’ CEO and visionary, Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby, in 2009.

Celebrated as the Barbadian DJ who shook the world with his infectious energy, DJ Puffy holds the coveted title of Red Bull Thre3style World Champion 2016.

Today, Puffy’s resume spans hundreds of performances across the globe. His musical flair and mash-up prowess transcend geographical and language barriers with international audiences and a fan base that spans the Caribbean, Central America, North America, and Asia.

He continues to break the obstacles as a trailblazer in the industry, touring Asia and producing his music and events.

Here are five questions with DJ Puffy:

As a Barbadian DJ, how does your Caribbean heritage influence your music and performance style, especially in a diverse festival like SumFest Muzik?

“The Caribbean’s energy is unique. From the moment people enter a Caribbean space, they FEEL the energy. This energy is the core of my music and performance, and I look forward to sharing it at SumFest Mizik. Winning the Red Bull Thre3style World Championship in 2016 must have been a significant milestone in your career.”

How do you think this achievement has shaped your journey as a DJ, and what lessons have you learned from it?

“This achievement catapulted me onto the world stage. This competition was the Olympics of DJing, which put the world’s eyes on me after I could represent Barbados and the Caribbean and win. The main lesson I learned from participating in this competition is simple but essential: Embrace your uniqueness. Be yourself, and stay true to that.”

SumFest Muzik is a vibrant celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of the Caribbean, and your music plays a significant role in this. How do you perceive your music contributing to this celebration, and what do you hope the attendees will take away from your performance?

“My music embodies everything that SumFest Mizik’s mission is. It’s genuinely the perfect alignment. I’m looking forward to the attendees tapping into their Caribbean energy and having an electrifying experience.”

With your unique blend of Caribbean and EDM sounds, how do you balance honoring traditional Caribbean music while pushing boundaries and innovating within the genre?

“The sounds of the Caribbean are very versatile. Over time, I’ve tastefully bridged the gaps and blended genres by adding or changing a few key elements or instruments in different types of music. Collaboration and unity are central themes of SumFest Mizik.”

Could you share how collaboration with other artists and organizations has influenced yoyr career and your approach to music?

“The main element of collaboration that I value is not the final product but the opportunity to learn the processes of others. There’s so much value in seeing how people create or produce in ANY industry and the different methods they use. Being exposed to various methods, taking those methods, emulating them, and applying them to what I’m doing in my space is the real gem for me. As a result, it allows me to become highly productive and easy to work with.”

  • PublishedJune 8, 2024

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