Leacock focused on ‘Building up Bim’ in a different way

Leacock focused on ‘Building up Bim’ in a different way


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Don Leacock is focused on improving the lives of persons through his organization “Build Up Bim”.

Recently, Leacock was awarded the Ficus Award [Community Organization Of The Year] at the National Youth Awards for the outstanding work he has done throughout the past year.

“I’m grateful that the government has given us this recognition for the tireless work we do in the community. I’m also grateful for the exposure and potential for new collaborations to happen as a result of the award,” he told Loop News in a recent interview.

“Build Up Bim is simply a movement, a hashtag, a strong push of positivity throughout the island. If you’re planting a tree you’re building up bim, if you’re picking up litter you’re building up Bim, if you’re helping an elderly lady cross the street you’re building up bim. It is a movement of the people, for the people, by the people, a movement simply searching for the healing of the nation.”

“My focus group is the youth with a caveat originating from the saying, ‘You’re once a man, twice a child,’ meaning that the elderly have reached a stage in their life where once again they need assistance and guidance. We provide food hampers and other necessities to the elderly while hyper-focusing on youth empowerment initiatives like mentoring, scholarships, access to sports, providing resources like laptops, school uniforms etcetera,” he also explained.

while spending long periods in isolation it gave me a chance to sit down and reflect on what my purpose on this earth truly was

He revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic motivated him to help others, however, The Build Up Barbados Foundation wasn’t officially formed until June of 2022 due to the overwhelming support they were receiving from their social media campaigns.

“COVID gave the entire world a reset, and while spending long periods in isolation it gave me a chance to sit down and reflect on what my purpose on this earth truly was. I had a good career, a good job, a nice apartment, living on an island paradise earning USD and paying no taxes, but I felt so empty. I was constantly conflicted with the fact that me sitting there on a computer all day saving billionaires money on their taxes wasn’t having the desired impact I wanted for my life.”

“I wanted to create value, I wanted to be a positive catalyst for change,” he professed.

“So after much reflection and visualisation I came to the conclusion that I wanted to shift the skillset given to me by God into economically and spiritually liberating our people; our Bajan people, our CARICOM people and all melanin people the world over.”

Leacock also stressed the importance of collaboration while thanking the many organisations who have helped him thus far.

“Collaborations help lift the profile of everyone involved and all are extremely welcomed.”

“Accent Kitchen, Chicken Barn, New York Pizza, and Music N’ Echo are our main contributors to our food drives. Ernst & Young has given us numerous laptops which we’ve distributed to youth in the communities. Walker’s World has donated several mattresses that went to the elderly. Sole Addiction has provided us with school shoes and other supplies for our back-to-school drives, and Love For Thrift thrift store provides us with clothes to donate. The Barbados Golf Club lets us use the course for free to teach kids the game of golf in collaboration with the David Marshall Youth Golf Academy. Build Tech Construction has assisted us in building a community garden in St Christopher Christ Church. We also work with the Ashley Lashley Foundation on mitigating climate change, the One Love Village Foundation on community outreach and Private Caribbean Study Goals on free CXC [Caribbean Examinations Council] lessons for the youth to name some of the other non-profits as well.”

The goal is for Build Up Bim to be the most impactful community outreach and youth empowerment organisation

With 2023 still fresh on his mind, he revealed that he is currently in the process of collaborating with several entities to drive “massive impact” through Barbadian communities.

“While I can’t disclose too much, we’re in talks with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports & Community Empowerment, Ministry of People Empowerment, University of the West Indies, and multiple other non-governmental organisations to drive some massive impact through the communities, so stay tuned for each of these initiatives as they roll out.”

However, Leacock said his ultimate goal is to empower persons beyond Barbados and with extension the Caribbean.

“The goal is for Build Up Bim to be the most impactful community outreach and youth empowerment organisation in Barbados and become a common household phrase. Once we’ve done this, pulling on our strong network in the Caribbean Diaspora to launch, for example Build Up TnT, Build Up Brooklyn etcetera would be the next step. 

“The vision is for the entire island of Barbados to talk about building up bim daily, nothing to do with my organization, just amongst themselves, to post content on social media with the hashtag #buildupbim.”

Leacock also encouraged persons to contribute to his current Build Up Bim Go Fund Me campaign.

“I am truly grateful to the Almighty Creator for using me as a vessel to carry out the spiritual and economic liberation of our people. If anyone would like to support, no contribution to the Go Fund Me is too small.”

  • PublishedFebruary 20, 2023

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