COW moved: Digicel assures Olive Lodge area of continued connectivity

COW moved: Digicel assures Olive Lodge area of continued connectivity

The cell on wheels, mobile cell site, at Olive Lodge Road, St James, placed by Digicel Barbados has been relocated.

As of March 15, the concerned citizens of the environs around the temporary site, who were threatening legal action, have gotten their most desirous outcome in this scenario. 

The site was the centre of much controversy as the Ministry of Information, Science and Technology (MIST) worked with telecoms giant Digicel Barbados to mitigate or remove the issue.

In a statement, Digicel assures it is all about connecting more people in more places across our island and to working within communities to be a positive force in nation-building. Digicel has existed in Barbados for 20 years to date.

CEO Natalie Abrahams in the release stated:

“To this end, having had the opportunity to explore options not previously available to us, Digicel successfully relocated the temporary site at Olive Lodge Road to a colocated site with Flow on Friday, March 15.

“We are appreciative of the cooperation among the many stakeholders involved and pleased to have arrived at a remedy that secures continuous connectivity of the surrounding areas.”

But to prevent a repeat of this situation or any similar one, Digicel wants assurances from MIST, or the powers that be as well to protect the businesses with clearly outlined policy and processes on the books.

“Moving forward, we anticipate engagement with the relevant authorities on the need for expeditious approvals and definitive guidance to the operators in this sector regarding the temporary and permanent locating of cell towers…

“As our communities grow and new areas become populated with residences and businesses, there is increased pressure to identify available spaces to locate the necessary technology infrastructure. Digicel stands ready to meet the challenge of the increased need for connectivity and wishes to collaborate with the policymakers and other operators in the sector on how this need can be met while balancing multiple interests,” stated Abrahams.

  • PublishedMarch 18, 2024

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