What do you look for in a partner?

What do you look for in a partner?

Valentine’s day, an entire day to celebrate the manifestation of love and desire. While the holiday is extremely commercialised, its main message lies in the partnerships that encircle it. Loop Caribbean gathered some responses from some women about what they usually look for in a partner. 


Grace Hutson: “For men, I look for someone who is generous, does not take part in the red pill shenanigans such as dudes with podcasts spewing misogyny. They must be intuitive, thoughtful, mature, slow to anger, a great listener and good to look at. For women, I look for basically all the same things, along with feminist views and who has unpacked internalised misogyny.” 



Salima Bacchus-Hinds: “They need to have a good sense of humour, and they need to hold down a conversation with me. I like people who are a bit outgoing, generous and acknowledge I’m amazing and not intimidated by that. And oh…they must be willing to put out.” 



Donna Tai: “The things I am looking for would be the same things whether man or woman…strong and confident, yet humble, generous and considerate, full of fun and laughter, not afraid to show compassion, spontaneous and open, and can admit when they are wrong…easy on the eyes is extra.” 



Amy Yong: “Rich!! Kind. Thoughtful. He needs to be nurturing for me because I need caring. Gotta be able to have a conversation and share an interest with me. I’m good with the opposite attracts but we gotta have some common ground. He can’t be no punk and wanna play he macho all the time. He gotta be able to accept and embrace all of this especially when I don’t accept and embrace all of this. He also gotta be okay with me being all over him!” 



Kathleen Reid: “Because of my age and the fact that I have already established myself to a certain level, I would want to make sure that the man is financially stable, not because I want him to take care of me, but because I do not want to take care of him. So that’s important. Age is important too, because it plays a role in life experiences and it greatly influences perspectives, plus I do not date younger men, so someone in their mid to late 40s would be great. Intellect is essential. At the end of my day, I would like to sit back with a glass of wine and indulge in real conversations. I need space to grow without anyone feeling threatened by my growth. I need a calm and patient personality, to balance my crazy. There must be physical attraction between us. If I’m not physically attracted to him, chances are I won’t take the time to know him to be intellectually and emotionally or mentally attracted to him. If he’s in his 40s and still has unresolved issues that manifest in him being abusive in any form, I’m not interested. No cussing, no emotional manipulation, no hitting, so psychological games. Height is also important to me. I’m already tall and I love heels and I do not want to be asked not to wear heels so I don’t tower over my partner. Religious belief is essential. I do not intend to debate faith/ religion with someone I’ll potentially spend my life with. We have to be on the same page with belief systems and values.” 

  • PublishedFebruary 18, 2023

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