WATCH: Police and residents rescue beached whale in Guyana

WATCH: Police and residents rescue beached whale in Guyana

The Guyana Police Force went beyond the normal call of duty on Monday when it responded to an emergency call that a young whale had beached on the No.63 Beach, in Corentyne, Berbice. 

Residents of the nearby community, wildlife experts and members of the Guyana Police Force immediately sprang into action. 

The calf was examined by veterinarian Dr Sanpat who found the mammal had minor injuries but nothing life threatening.  

The police force says two boats were provided by Rajbani Gajnabi of No. 66 Fisheries, which were commanded by Captain Saleem Azeez and used to guide the young calf safely back into deep waters. 

A young whale is rescued after it beached on the No.63 beach, Corentyne, Berbice in Guyana. (Photo Credit: Guyana Police Force)

The boat captain was assisted by by Monesh Mahadeo, Teddy Rafael, Woman Constable Paul, Constable Reynolds, and Rural Constable Shafeek. 

The Guyana Police Force described the rescue as a remarkable effort by the residents of the nearby community and police to save the young whale. 

The police force notes it’s not unusual to find a whale or dolphin ‘beached’ along the Atlantic Ocean’s shoreline of Guyana. 

According to information from Our Shared Ocean- Guyana, Guyana’s marine environment is home to sperm whales, pygmy killer whales, dolphins, marine turtles, sharks and more than 900 species of fish.  

  • PublishedMay 7, 2024

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