Varying levels of Saharan dust expected across Caribbean region

Varying levels of Saharan dust expected across Caribbean region

It would appear the Saharan dust will be sticking around a bit longer this week in the Caribbean as another surge is affecting some islands. 

The Meteorological Department of Sint Maarten has advised the public that varying concentrations of Saharan dust are expected across the region today. As such, persons with allergies and or respiratory illnesses should be vigilant.  


Dominica in its weather forecast today says a relatively high concentration of Saharan dust is expected to linger across the region throughout the week resulting in low visibility and poor air quality. The met office says people with respiratory sensitivities should take all the necessary precautions to avoid complications. Small craft operators venturing out to sea should take along the necessary equipment for safe navigation. 


In Trinidad and Tobago, the Met Service says an episode of high concentrations of Saharan dust in the atmosphere began this past weekend from May 4, 2024. Concentration of the Saharan dust increased to moderate to mostly high, at times reducing visibility to 4 to 5 km.  

The present concentration is high. A short respite can be expected between Wednesday 8 to Thursday 9, when the dust is likely to be moderate to mild. It adds that subsequently the Saharan dust concentration is expected to again rise to moderate to high from May 10, 2024, until at least early next week. 


The Barbados Meteorological Services in its forecast for this afternoon says a layer of moderate dust haze will reduce visibility across the marine area and to a lesser extent across the island.  


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Meteorological Service in its 72 hour weather outlook published on May 5 said Saharan dust haze concentrations will be present during the next three days, significantly reducing visibility and air quality across the islands.  

It said residents should be aware of reduced air quality.

The Met Service added that the presence of Saharan dust intrusion many not only suppress significant shower activity, but it could exacerbate warm conditions over the next coming days.

  • PublishedMay 6, 2024

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