TT fashion entrepreneur seeks collaboration with St Lucian businesses

TT fashion entrepreneur seeks collaboration with St Lucian businesses

Jurmol Joseph, a 25-year-old Trinidadian entrepreneur, is reaching out to St Lucian business owners and designers for potential collaborations.

Joseph is a multifaceted individual, embodying the roles of an athlete, graphic designer, fashion designer, and art consultant. Known for his versatility, he was awarded the title of the most all-around student in primary school.

Joseph’s academic journey took him through St Mary’s College, where he graduated before diving straight into the world of entrepreneurship. His initial ventures were fraught with challenges and required significant sacrifices, including the abandonment of several day jobs. Despite these hurdles, Joseph persevered, establishing his first company, Player Player Barrel, initially focused on urban fashion. Over time, the brand evolved into Player Player, shifting towards luxury fashion and swimwear, helping Joseph cement his reputation as both a designer and a businessman.

Player Player clothing line

Today, Joseph offers an array of design services tailored to clothing brand owners, companies, promoters, and carnival mass band organizers. His services include:

  • Consultancy: Expert advice on fashion and design.
  • Design: Creation of unique and appealing designs.
  • Graphic Design: Development of visually striking graphics.
  • Mock-ups and Sampling: Prototyping and sampling to bring concepts to life.
  • Bulk Manufacturing: Large-scale production of designs.

Jurmol Joseph can be reached via Instagram at J.Joseph_, LinkedIn at Jurmol Joseph, or through email at His clothing brand, Player Player, is also accessible on Instagram, Facebook, and at, where the latest merchandise and finest products are showcased.

Player Player swimwear

Joseph is particularly interested in expanding his network and services internationally, beginning with the Caribbean. He aims to collaborate with St Lucian business owners and designers to offer innovative design solutions and enhance the global presence of his brand. His vision includes reaching South and North America, and eventually Europe.

Business owners and designers with product ideas or manufacturing needs are encouraged to connect with Joseph. He is eager to explore collaborative opportunities that can drive mutual success in the fashion industry.

  • PublishedMay 31, 2024

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