St Kitts feeling the effects of the 2024 Dry Season

St Kitts feeling the effects of the 2024 Dry Season

St Kitts and Nevis is now in the peak of the dry season and in a bid to ensure water access to all consumers, the St Kitts Water Services Department has issued a water service schedule with the listed time when water will be available in areas.

This schedule is effective from April 7 to April 13, 2024. 

The Department says the decision had to be made as rainfall continues to decrease, causing low water levels in some of its storage tanks.  

It explains to customers that it’s important for water distribution to be scheduled so that as many consumers as possible may have access to water on a daily basis. 

Water Schedule

The Department notes that service may be restored or disrupted sooner or later than estimated depending on elevation and distance away from the WSD storage tanks that persons are connected to. “Water cannot be turned on or turned off immediately like electricity since our thousands of feet of pipelines take various times to get completely emptied after the supply is closed or completely filled after the supply is opened.” 
In the circumstances, communities are being urged to engage in diligent water conservation. 

The St Kitts Water Services Department says it understand the frustration of limited water supply and appreciates the public’s understanding and collaboration as they work together to manage this situation effectively until its new water sources come online later this year. 

  • PublishedApril 9, 2024

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