Rihanna and Apple take Westbury to the world

Rihanna and Apple take Westbury to the world

Throughout her 20-year career, Rihanna has never forgotten her humbling beginnings and that love and pride was exhibited once again  in the latest trailer for the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show.

The Barbadian superstar is headlining the Halftime Show which takes place this Sunday, February 12.

The nine-time Grammy awardee will take to the stage for the first time in six years. During her absence from performing, she has been busy building the Fenty beauty and fashion empire and being a mom.

Images of filming at Rihanna Drive have been circulating for a number of weeks, but now our curiosity has been quenched!

On Thursday, Apple Music dropped the trailer, capsulating Rihanna’s start as a “little girl from Westbury Road”.

From the opening, a thick Bajan accent says “You know it is about time she come back….And the fans waiting!”

The trailer transitions to show a story similar to Rihanna’s own – a little girl with big dreams.

A little girl from Rihanna’s alma mater – Charles F Broomes Primary School – departs a minibus which is blaring Run This Town and heads to her home.

The song amplifies, as plays a prank, taking the sunglasses of a woman braiding hair in the community and struts throughout her neigbourhood –  Rihanna Drive, formerly Westbury Road.

Any Bajan watching will swell with pride as they see the familiar face of Barbadian actress and media personality Belle Holder, the bright colours of Barbadian wooden houses, the little boy ‘buss a wheelie’, the group of adults in the veranda playing dominoes and the drone footage of kites flying high above Westbury Cemetery and the St Michael area.

The trailer concludes with the caption “My whole life shaped on this very road. I was just a little island girl flying kites in the cemetery but I had big dreams.”

And this sentiment echoes what Rihanna at the official opening of Rihanna Drive in November 2017.

“I want to give a special thanks to all my neighbours in Westbury Road who all had a part in hand in raising me and the woman that I am….I am very grateful for that kind of backbone, [and] that kind of foundation… I believe I was here for a reason and I just want you guys to know that faith can go a very, very long way.”

  • PublishedFebruary 18, 2023

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