Man With No Door marks new creative chapter for Kes the Band

Man With No Door marks new creative chapter for Kes the Band

Kes the Band is known for their fearless experimenting with sound, style and performance and with their latest album entitled, ‘Man With No Door’, listeners can expect even more when the project is released on March 29.  

In an interview with Loop News, frontman for the band Kees Dieffenthaller said he thinks this album is an opportunity for people to learn something new about him. 

“With this album I feel like it’s kinda special in that it sets the stage for the new chapter, creatively for me. Yes, you’re gonna get our brand and style of soca that people have been hearing and loving but you’re also gonna get the application of calypso in different spheres – so in a different sound, a different setting, a different mix,” he mused. 

The audience will be invited to open their minds, very similarly to the way Kees opened his, when they were in production mode. 

“Just look forward to opening your mind creatively about who you think I am and enjoying new permutations of what we do,” he encouraged. 

There’s excitement bubbling in the camp – Kees says that with the help of his brothers in the band and his team, they’ve created an album that they can’t wait for people to hear. 

“I’m ready for it to be out. It’s a body of work I’ve been working on for a bit so I’m just happy that we’ve reached here; that I could actually put this out in the universe and see what people think and feel,” he said. 

Kees believes that the band has a lot more to offer, so even after Man With No Door’s release, fans can look forward to a continued commitment to pushing Trinidad and Tobago’s culture, sound and talent to new heights. 

  • PublishedMarch 28, 2024

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