Heavy rains improve Grenada’s water supply

Heavy rains improve Grenada’s water supply

The recent rainfall has come as a blessing for Grenada as improvements have been noticed in water production and distribution from most water treatment plants. However, the island’s water restrictions continue to remain in effect.  

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) said water treatment plants in the Parishes of St Andrew, St David and St George which were affected by this year’s dry season and drought.  

NAWASA said the Annandale Water Treatment Plant has recovered to about 88 per cent of its design capacity, and extraction of water from the Grand Etang Lake has been suspended.

It stated the Les Avocats, Petite Etang and Vendome Water Systems are returning to their design capacities allowing the Authority to distribute water to higher elevated consumers along the distribution network.  

As a result of these improvements, NAWASA said it has begun to relax valve regulation and reduce water truck distribution to affected communities.  

The Authority said it is in communication with the Meteorological Office and continues to monitor production daily.  

NAWASA has confirmed that the Water Restrictions are still in effect and will remain so until it is satisfied that water production has returned to design capacity.  

Consumers are urged to continue their water conservation efforts.  

The Authority added that with predictions for an above-normal hurricane season, the public is urged to remain vigilant, to acquire water storage facilities and manage their water supply effectively.  

  • PublishedJune 11, 2024