Grenada joins Caribbean and adjacent regions for Caribe Wave 24

Grenada joins Caribbean and adjacent regions for Caribe Wave 24

Grenada will participate with the rest of the Caribbean and adjacent regions for Caribe Wave 24. The tsunami exercise will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2024.  

The annual exercise, which began in 2011, allows emergency management organisations throughout the region to exercise their operational lines of communication, review tsunami response procedures, and promote tsunami preparedness to improve tsunami warning systems’ effectiveness.  

Upon the advice of the Grenada Meteorological Services, the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) will participate in this annual exercise based on the scenario of a tsunami generated by a magnitude 8.47 earthquake.  

The overarching objectives of this exercise are to:  

1. Exercise and evaluate communications between the regional Tsunami Service Provider and member States/Territories.  

2. Evaluate the tsunami procedures and programmes within Member States/Territories. 

The National Tsunami Warning Protocol will be tested during this exercise. Additionally, NaDMA will endeavour to promote tsunami awareness while focusing on preparedness and response.  
Caribe Wave 24 will also test operational plans to ensure appropriate tools and response mechanisms have been developed.

Further, the exercise will provide participants with the opportunity to be educated on appropriate early warning systems, evacuation routes, and muster points, as well as evaluate the status of the implementation of the Tsunami Ready Programme.  

Several public and private stakeholders are participating in the 2024 exercise, testing aspects of their tsunami plans. This will include full or partial evacuation and/or communication. 

  • PublishedMarch 21, 2024

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