German backpacker hopes to challenge negative image of T&T

German backpacker hopes to challenge negative image of T&T

While some locals may think twice about walking around their own neighbourhoods, German backpacker Tilo Kruse is ready to walk from Toco to Icacos relying on the hospitality of strangers.

The 20-year-old begins his cross-country trek today.

Kruse, who is on TikTok as thepilgrimageoflife, said he’ll travel with just his clothes and his phone, and will depend on the kindness of Trinidadians for sustenance and shelter.

In his video, he explained that he chose to go on the challenging journey because he wanted to change the perception of the country as a place plagued by crime.

He said his experience so far is that Trinidadians are “super, super nice” as he’s already been offered food and invited on trips by locals he just met.

Kruse prepared for the rigours of his journey by sleeping on the ground at the Scout Headquarters in St Ann’s – an experience he said that’s “tough on your back” and one that he doesn’t recommend.

He gave followers some insight on what he’ll be travelling with, among them a hat to protect against sunburn, a mosquito net, combat boots, breathable clothing to wick away sweat and jackets to protect against harsh weather.

The German traveller invited Trinidadians to follow him as he makes his journey across the island.

Many have already offered to give him food and shelter along the way and have wished him well on his walk.

Kruse’s journey is expected to take him just over three weeks.

  • PublishedApril 29, 2024

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