Dominica monitoring significant drop in water levels at Boiling Lake

Dominica monitoring significant drop in water levels at Boiling Lake

The UWI Seismic Research Center and Dominica’s Office of Disaster Management are monitoring the Boiling Lake where water levels have changed significantly in recent days.  

The UWI SRC notes this is a phenomenon that has occurred several times since 1876.  

The most recent period of instability was observed in December 2023 and in the following months, guides and Forestry officials have reported changes in the lake levels with the latest occurring during the month of March. 

A statement explains that on March 29, the lake was observed to experience a significant drop in water levels, when there was little to no water observed in the lake.  

UWI SRC notes the observed changes in water levels and activity at the Boiling Lake are not necessarily related to increased volcanic activity in the area.  

During these episodes, harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, can be released and small steam explosions may also occur. This most recent cessation of geothermal activity at the lake may be indicative of blockages of underlying vents, which feed into the lake and is of concern as clearing of this blockage can occur without warning. 

The UWI-SRC and the ODM Dominica will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates accordingly.  

The Boiling Lake is a volcano-hydrothermal feature located in an area next to the Valley of Desolation in southern Dominica. 

  • PublishedMarch 30, 2024

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