Bermuda to update mask mandate & travel protocols in October

Bermuda to update mask mandate & travel protocols in October


Major changes will be coming in Bermuda as the island looks to move to a new phase of living with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Minister of Health Kim Wilson said the mask mandate and travel regulations will be dropped next month.

From October 3, masks will no longer be required in public spaces with the exception of health facilities, rest homes and corrections facilities.

Masks will be optional on public transportation as well as at the airport.

On October 25, all COVID-19 test requirements for entry and exit will be removed. Unvaccinated travellers will, however, need to provide proof of health insurance, which covers COVID-19 medical expenses.

All mask mandates and border controls will be removed on November 30th, 2022 when the Public Health (COVID-19) Emergency regulations come expire.

In presenting the government’s roadmap to removing COVID-19 restrictions today, Wilson said: “I appreciate there will be many questions regarding the future of the travel authorisation, it is important to recognise that health travel documents are not new to international travel. Certain countries have had entry requirements such as proof of yellow fever vaccination for a very long time now. The difference is that those types of entry requirements were limited to specific countries.”

“In Bermuda, the travel authorisation has served as an effective part of our COVID border controls. The Government will be having further discussions regarding Bermuda’s travel entry requirements, taking into consideration what is appropriate and necessary in light of the ongoing pandemic. We will announce those decisions before 30 November.”

The House of Assembly is set to meet tomorrow to debate the Public Health (COVID-19) Emergency Order to declare a public health emergency and extend restrictions for 30 days, until 25 October.

The house will meet in October to extend restrictions for 37 days until November 30.

Wilson said that will be the final extension.

The minister has urged Bermudians to remain vigilant and cautious when these restrictions are removed.

Many people will be pleased that the regulations are being removed, but this does not mean we can stop being responsible for our health and the health of others. The coronavirus continues to be a threat to our health and well-being, though not as substantial as it was this time last year,” she stated,

“And while the public health emergency may be ending in Bermuda, the global pandemic continues. Although our number of positive coronavirus cases has declined significantly, we must not become complacent.”

  • PublishedFebruary 24, 2023

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