American-Trinidadian singer Rai Hana to debut new single ‘Love Me’

American-Trinidadian singer Rai Hana to debut new single ‘Love Me’

Songwriter and musician Raihana Khan, known locally as Rai Hana in Trinidad’s alternative and rock music community, will take her music journey to the next level when she drops her new single ‘Love Me’ along with a music video on May 10. 

Rai Hana, 30, who is originally from Florida but has been back and forth between the US and Trinidad before settling in T&T, dropped her first album called Alive exactly four years ago. That EP was a combination of her life at that time and years prior when she was just jumping into her twenties.

Fast forward to today, her new single ‘Love Me’ comes when life has definitely changed and happened. Rai Hana has graduated from university and is now married.  

‘Love Me’ is lighthearted, fun, energetic and lively, and something she believes the world needs right now. 

Rai Hana

“I think I am stepping into this new chapter of my life and also stepping up in the musical chapter of my life as well.  

This song is called ‘Love Me’ which I actually wrote around the time when I met my husband and it sort of encapsulates that feeling of the excitement that someone feels when they meet someone for the first time, and you know… they’re in that talking stage… they’re excited to see them… there are certain emotional feelings coming up. You’re up on the phone with this person and all night you’re talking to this person for hours at a time, and you know, you’re supposed to meet up and go on a date and there’s so much running through your head.  

There’s anxiety and excitement all wrapped up in one.  

This song is something I wrote basically trying to capture that feeling of what I felt at that time in the initial stages of that relationship and getting excited over the possibilities of everything that could come within the relationship.”  

Rai Hana says her new single targets no particular audience as she believes it’s a song for everyone who wants to enjoy something that’s upbeat and vibrant which reminds them of earlier 2000s rock, so there’s that nostalgic quality. 

With big dreams of one day being a Grammy winner, internationally, Rai Hana hopes one day to get global recognition. Locally, she tells Loop News she would appreciate any radio station that would pick it up and share her new single.  

Rai Hana

“I think I’m a great female representative for local rock music, to show that there are genres outside of traditional genres that could thrive in Trinidad and in the Caribbean…. and great quality music that artistes could provide, and I think I could be one of those people to show the world Trinidad has more than just Soca and Calypso and traditional genres.  

You have this entire generation where a fusion of music exists, and people thrive in different genres. I want to be able to have people listen to the song with an open mind and knowing we have more to offer… I want people to love it… I want people to have it on repeat whether they’re streaming it or watching my music video.”  

The video premiere for ‘Love Me’ is also carded for May 10 and will be available on every music streaming platform.  

Rai Hana will be hosting a premiere party for the launch of her song and music video on the night of release at The Dalai Llama, One Woodbrook Place in Port of Spain. There she will perform live with her personal band and ring in her birthday which she is excited to celebrate on May 11. 

  • PublishedMay 7, 2024

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