Adrian Dutchin wins Guyana’s Soca Monarch

Adrian Dutchin wins Guyana’s Soca Monarch


Adrian Dutchin. (Photo credit: NCN)
Adrian Dutchin. (Photo credit: NCN)

Adrian Dutchin’s return to the Soca Monarch stage ended in him being victorious at last evening’s competition.

Dutchin, who won a previous edition of the competition, performed his hit song “Place Nice” to win the crown over the 14 artistes that competed at the National Stadium.

The judges gave his performance 250 points.

Coming in second was Diana Chapman who missed out on the monarch crown by just one point.

OKC placed third and he also won the Best New Comer prize.

Crowd favourite Kwasie Ace was left out of the top positions despite sending the crowd into a frenzy with his performance of “Nothing Nah Bother Meh”.

Some sections of social media did not agree with the results calling Ace the real winner of the night.

 “You mean to tell me with a performance like what kwesi Ace did. He didn’t make the top four? Nonsense,” one person wrote.

Another person commented: “These judges need to be fair and give honour where it is due. Y’all killing music in this country and Guyanese future…get it right now.”


1st – 250 points- Adrian Dutchin ‘Place Nice’

2nd – 249 points – Diana Chapman – ‘Therapy Whine’

3rd- 245 points – OKC – ‘Woman’ (Best New Comer)

4th- 239 points – Mattick Queen – ‘Whole Day’

The other competitors who made it to the finals were:

Lady T will – ‘Soca in ma Vein’

Timothy Roberts – ‘Celebrate Life’.

Jumo Primo – ‘Cockroach’

Crenity – ‘Waistline trouble’.

Jamal Stuart – ‘We Vybin’.

Akeem Alexander with – ‘Thank You Soca’

Jada Harry ‘Purge’-  ‘Mas-mash-up Soca’.

Jovinski – ‘Stink & Dutty’

Kwasie Ace – ‘Nothing Nah Badda Mi’

Vintage –  ‘Ready’

  • PublishedFebruary 25, 2023

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