A Magnetic Media News Leader

A Magnetic Media News Leader


Meet Sherrica Thompson

As a media profession of exceptional calibre, Sherrica loves keeping people in the know and is gifted in the art of keeping Magnetic Media productions in tuned with its audiences on television and social media.

Prior to joining Magnetic Media in December 2021 where Sherrica contributes as a writer, reporter, researcher and producer, she attended Anchovy High School in St James, Jamaica.  For sixth form, studies shifted to Cornwall College in Montego Bay.  Landing the promising student at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

With her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism in hand, Ms Thompson currently resides in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Now, Sherrica is making a significant impact in the media industry, admitting she has seen her appreciation of media deepen in her time at Magnetic Media.

  • PublishedMarch 18, 2023

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