Road to Carnival glory: Antigua’s Soca semi-finalists announced

Road to Carnival glory: Antigua’s Soca semi-finalists announced

Antigua’s pre-Carnival excitement reached new heights last night as the quarterfinals of a highly anticipated musical event unfolded.

The seven-hour spectacle showcased approximately 70 artists vying for a coveted spot in the semi-finals.

Performers gave their all, making the judges’ task particularly challenging. The enthusiastic crowd bore witness to a night of exceptional talent and fierce competition.

After careful deliberation, the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission announced the 25 semi-finalists. The list includes a mix of established names and rising stars: Tammy, Tian, Romel, Zan, Bless Eye, Lyrical Reds, Raiine, DJ Who, Soca Villain, Kimmy, Young Lyrics, Lyrics Man, Buttaz, Ebony T, Young Vice, Paris, Ge’Eve, Thalia, Sammy C, Vicious, Dior, Island Prince, Drastic, Kid Fresh, and Naycha Kid.

The upcoming semifinals will further narrow the field to just 12 finalists. These talented individuals will then compete against last year’s reigning Monarchs, Claudette Peters and Empress, in the grand finale.

In a significant change from previous years, the competition has done away with separate groovy and jumpy categories. Instead, a single joint competition will determine one ultimate champion, adding an extra layer of excitement to this year’s event.

Antigua’s Carnival takes place from July 25 to August 6.

  • PublishedJuly 4, 2024