Rainy season tips: How to keep pests out of your home

Rainy season tips: How to keep pests out of your home

With the welcome rains of the wet season comes all manner of bugs, mosquitoes and other unwanted critters seeking shelter in your home.

Here are some ways you can keep them outside:

Declutter spaces: Remove stacks of boxes, newspapers and other items inside the home that can attract pests looking for hiding spots.

Fill up cracks and holes: Untreated cracks and open holes in the walls are access points for pests during the rainy season. Be sure to seal these areas to avoid unwanted critters getting into your home.

Keep outdoor surroundings tidy: Ensure that grass is kept low with regular cutting and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by clearing drains and gutters, and emptying saucers, buckets and anywhere water can collect. Don’t keep trimmings and cuttings piled in your yard for long periods – and especially not close to your home – as this is an inviting environment for pests.

Natural insect repellent: Basil and other herbs aren’t only to dress up your favourite dishes as many of these have natural bug-repelling properties. Lavender, rosemary, tulsi, lemongrass, catnip and even aloe are among the plants that help keep pests away.

Additionally, homemade sprays using essential oils like peppermint and lavender can be used in corners and at doorways and windows to prevent pests from getting in. Be mindful when using essential oils if you have dogs, cats or birds inside as at high concentrations these can cause respiratory distress.

Flood barriers: Water-activated flood barriers, also known as sandless sandbags, can be placed at doorways. These are meant to prevent the intrusion of water, and can act as an added layer of protection against pests getting in via spaces under doors.  

  • PublishedJune 28, 2024