Hurricane checklist: Last minute items to get before a storm

Hurricane checklist: Last minute items to get before a storm

A hurricane or storm is approaching, and you have forgotten to store emergency items or even prepare a first aid kit.  

This is not the time to panic but rather the time to make your last-minute preparations.  

Here’s a list of basic items you should get. 



Food and water  

Canned food (Image by Monika from Pixabay)

Whether you need to make a stop at a supermarket or a nearby shop, you should purchase non-perishable items or canned food to last at least seven days.  

Make sure you have a manual can opener and you might want to consider paper plates and cups in case there’s no water in the taps after a hurricane, which would make cleaning up an issue.  

Ensure you have enough water to last each person in your home at least three days. Also consider if you need to pick up items to suit the dietary needs of others in your home.  




First aid kit (Image by Alexa from Pixabay)

One of the worst things that could happen is someone being without their lifesaving medication, especially during and after a storm when medication could become hard to find.  

Do a quick inventory check to see whether any medication needs to be topped up. Bandages, pain relievers and anti-diarrheal medicine could also come in handy to keep.  





It’s easy to forget whether you replaced batteries in your emergency radio or flashlights. Better to be safe than sorry and pick up a pack just in case a storm knocks out power and leaves you in the dark. Make sure you purchase the correct sized batteries.  



Flashlights or lamp 

Flashlight (Photo credit: iStock)

Candles can be a fire hazard which is a disaster no one wants to deal with while possibly facing a hurricane or storm. Purchasing a flashlight or battery powered lamp can be a lot safer and easier to carry from room to room. And like we mentioned above, don’t forget the correct sized batteries.  



Pet care items  

Animals (Photo credit: iStock)

When grabbing those last-minute items, remember all family members in the home, including your pets, furry or feathered. 

Pet food should be able to last seven days and don’t forget their share of water. If your pet uses medication, check whether there is enough to last through an emergency. A pet cage, carrier or leash may also be needed if for any reason you need to relocate during a storm or hurricane.  


The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30.  

  • PublishedMay 31, 2024

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