Guyana to save big on importation of corn, soya & shrimp

Guyana to save big on importation of corn, soya & shrimp

The president of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali says that by the end of 2027, the country is likely to save US$60 million on the importation of corn, soya and shrimp – the three of commodities for which production is being ramped up.

“In three product areas alone, by the time we get up to 2027, we will be saving more than US$60 million that we would have used for importation of key products,” Ali said as he addressed the addressing the Guyana Marketing Corporation’s annual Awards and Dinner ceremony.

According to Ali, the government has been investing heavily in the agriculture sector to ensure that local products are of high quality and standard.

“The corn and soya project are well on its way to achieve its self-sufficiency by the end of next year and then by the end of 2027 to make an important dent into the regional market.

“In the swamp shrimp industry, we are now producing 700 to 800 percent more swamp shrimp than we were producing a year and a half ago but we are still exporting it in bulk to the diaspora.”

And to complement this, he said value can be added to the products by improving packaging and processing.

“As we build out the aqua culture the prawns production and all of this, processing becomes an import part of what we are doing.”

The president also encouraged agro-processors to utilise the agro-processing facilities which were established across the country to enhance their products and ease major challenges such as transportation and logistics.

  • PublishedJune 27, 2024