Elon Musk invited to Dominican Rep to discover potential investments

Elon Musk invited to Dominican Rep to discover potential investments

Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader has invited South African-American businessman and investor Elon Musk to explore opportunities in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean country.

Abinader issued the invite after Musk, the CEO of automotive and clean energy company Tesla, shared a news article on X, formerly known as Twitter, about the 12-foot tall “smart security fence” that was built on the Dominican Republic’s border with crisis hit Haiti.

The wall is meant to curb the flow of illegal migrants, gangs and illicit items from entering the Dominican Republic.

Musk, who frequently criticises US President Joe Biden’s handling of the migrant crisis on the US-Mexico border, posted that he though the Dominican Republic’s concept was “interesting”.

Abinader was one of over 27 million X users who saw the billionaire’s tweet.

In response, the president said: You’re right, @elonmusk. Our smart security fence initiative between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is indeed an interesting project that is being implemented as we speak, helping to keep our country secure.”

“However, I think you’ll find our technological manufacturing capabilities in the free trade zones even more fascinating. We have a highly skilled workforce and robust infrastructure ready to support advanced manufacturing.”

Abinader added Musk was free to visit the Dominican Republic whenever he liked to see and explore potential opportunities.

  • PublishedMarch 20, 2024

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