Don’t have a degree? Here are 10 jobs to consider

Don’t have a degree? Here are 10 jobs to consider

Finding a good job can be daunting at times, especially with the focus on going to university and obtaining a degree.

Some people may not have familial support to pay for university fees and may despair of finding a lucrative job or a job that can allow them to grow and develop.

However, there are several in-demand job areas where one can get established without a degree.

Here are 10 areas to consider if seeking a job without having a university degree:

1. Driver/courier/rideshare driver

If you have a driver’s license or a vehicle, consider applying to driver or courier positions – many people appreciate having packages delivered to their doors and e-couriers are always on the lookout for drivers.

Key tip: Don’t wait to see vacancy listings, try sending out your contact information, or launch a Facebook page offering your delivery/courier services.

2. Carer for the elderly

It’s possible to begin a career in caring for the elderly without a degree. Many local schools offer courses in elderly care which can get you started in this field, an infinitely rewarding and satisfying one that not only is in demand but benefits you and your clients.

If you have already done elderly care services it’s also nice to get reviews from your clients on  your good work and consider launching a Facebook page where you can include details of your services and fees.

3. Flight attendant

It’s not necessary to have a university degree to be a flight attendant, however you do need certain qualifications.

According to this (since expired) listing from Caribbean Jobs, requirements include:

  • Minimum of five CXC / GCE Ordinary level passes including English and Math;
  • Minimum of two years’ customer service experience
  • Basic Competency in Microsoft Office applications, in particular MS Word and MS Excel;
  • Flight Attendant Swimming certification from a recognised institution;
  • Valid First Aid Certificate from a recognised institution;
  • Minimum height of 5’ 3” (without shoes) and maximum height of 6” 2” (with shoes) weight proportionate to height;
  • Fluent in English and Spanish; and
  • Possession of a valid Trinidad and Tobago passport.

4. Proofreader

Good at grammar and checking spelling errors? Your proofreading services may be in demand.

Don’t limit yourself to local businesses; consider signing up with freelance websites such as Fiverr or Upwork, or consider doing a couple free jobs in return for good reviews, which can assure future customers that you’re good at what you do. Want to develop your skills? Check out Coursera.

5. Food and beverage business

Ever received rave reviews on your banana bread, sugar cookies or homemade cakes? You might be interested in trying a small start-up business. Bear in mind you’ll need to apply for a food badge.

6. Customer service

If you love helping people, working within the customer service industry might be a great fit for you. People who are charismatic, persuasive and have a positive mindset can make great inroads in the sales industry so don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

7. Janitor/housekeeper

If you’re naturally a tidy person, you may have a knack for helping others keep their spaces tidy too. It can be as easy as creating a Facebook page listing your services and details or you can even reach out in your neighbourhood or community with flyers offering your services.

8. Real estate agent

In Trinidad and Tobago it’s currently not necessary to have a university degree to become a real estate agent, and based on the commission from your sales, you may be able to become quite successful.

It’s good to start by learning more about the field however, so consider applying for courses that give more information on the topic, such as UWI/Roytec.

9. Content creation

If you have a smartphone, data and creativity, it’s possible to create content for clients. It may take some practice to get started but try various apps such as CapCut and see if you have a knack for it. 

Try launching a Facebook page with samples of your work then reach out to companies offering your services and rates. Good luck!

10. Pet sitter

Everyone has pets and sometimes they may need to be away from them.

Starting out as a pet sitter can be as easy as creating a Facebook page and listing your services. If you have friends with pets, you can start out by offering them your services and then ask them to give you some reviews, then grow your business from there.

Here are some basic tips on being a pet sitter: 

Are you currently in a great job that doesn’t require a degree? Share in the comments.

  • PublishedMay 17, 2024

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