Anguilla Premier responds to concerns of frustrated bank customers

Anguilla Premier responds to concerns of frustrated bank customers

Premier of Anguilla Dr Ellis Lorenzo Webster says it was brought to his attention that on Monday, April 29, several clients of Republic Bank (Anguilla) Limited had their accounts debited of all outstanding E-Commerce and Point-of-Sale Transactions after being advised on the prior weekend.  

An official statement from the Premier notes he was contacted by several of these affected persons. He says while it seems that the transactions are legitimate, it is unfortunate that this process occurred. 

Dr Webster says he has spoken to Charlene Berry, Country Manager (Ag), as well as the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Timothy N. J. Antoine.  

Collectively, the Regulator and the Bank are working on the way forward to ensure financial records are precise and accurate.

Additionally, Republic Bank (Anguilla) Limited has been advised to communicate a way forward with all affected clients and ensure that they are not severely inconvenienced or left disenfranchised.  

“I have been assured by Republic Bank that remedies include interest-free loans and payment plans and clients will not incur any fees related to this incident, including overdraft fees.”  

The Premier says while the Government of Anguilla has no direct oversight of the banking institution, it understands that the steps taken have brought much alarm and concern to many people.  

The government assures it will remain in contact with the Management of the Bank and the ECCB until a resolution is achieved.  

The Government of Anguilla adds that it remains committed to ensuring that a fair and transparent process is adhered to.

  • PublishedApril 30, 2024

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